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STI11111011011 – May 15, 2014 at 11:43 pm

Suggested Defaults:

VG: 50%
PG: 50%
Nic MG: 6mg
Best Flavor From: RDA

Flavor Name % Producer
Maple Pancake 5% Capella
Absinthe 12% Signature
Irish Cream 10% Capella
Toasted Almond 2% Capella
Authors Notes:

I really liked Absolute Pin from Five Pawns but I wanted more flavor. It’s spicy and sweet with a hint of anise but I always felt it lacked a bottom end punch. It wasn’t substantial so it inspired me to make my own. I love anise so I went heavy with the absinthe. I find Absinthe articulate better in mixes than anise.

This is a bold flavor and very particular. If you’re not an anise fan then it’s probably going to be very not enjoyable. But I love it!

*I put best used with RDA because I haven’t tried it in a tank yet. It’s so enjoyable dripped and I’m a dripper so that’s all I got sorry.

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Ingredient Break Down

Ingredient ml drops %
  Nicotine Juice ?mg/ml (VG: ?% PG: ?%) ? ? ?
  VG ? ? ?
  PG ? ? ?
   Maple Pancake ? ? ?
   Absinthe ? ? ?
   Irish Cream ? ? ?
   Toasted Almond ? ? ?
Total ? ? 100
Drops Per ml:

Batch Size:ml
Nicotine Strength:ml

Total eLiquid Ratio:


Nicotine Liquid Base:


Maple Pancake %
Absinthe %
Irish Cream %
Toasted Almond %