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Taro Loaf
STI11111011011 – May 16, 2014 at 12:22 am

Suggested Defaults:

VG: 50%
PG: 50%
Nic MG: 6mg
Best Flavor From: Kayfun/Taifun

Flavor Name % Producer
Taro 8% Signature
French Vanilla 8% Capella
Authors Notes:

I’ve tried a few taro flavors and they all have a pretty blunt forceful sweetness to it. It’s a very robust flavor and (for you audio guys) it has too much midrange. That blunt robust sweetness just kinda cuts right through and smacks you in the face. So the addition of french vanilla smoothed it out giving it some high end sweet notes and brought out a sweet bread like quality…kinda like that Taro Sweet Bread from the Asian market :D

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Ingredient Break Down

Ingredient ml drops %
  Nicotine Juice ?mg/ml (VG: ?% PG: ?%) ? ? ?
  VG ? ? ?
  PG ? ? ?
   Taro ? ? ?
   French Vanilla ? ? ?
Total ? ? 100
Drops Per ml:

Batch Size:ml
Nicotine Strength:ml

Total eLiquid Ratio:


Nicotine Liquid Base:


Taro %
French Vanilla %