Stock: May 20th is VapourDay!

Everyones favorite time of the month is here, Vapour Arts Vapour Day!

On May 20th the following will be available:

  • A batch of GP PAPS® X v1.5 SS & LUX Edition & Parts
  • A batch of GP PAPS® v3 SS & LUX Edition & Parts 
  • A batch of GP® Heron v1.5 & Parts
  • A batch of GP® Spheroid v3
  • A batch of GP® Drip Tips
  • A batch of GP® SnP Tank 22 mm v2, 23 mm v2 & Full Set v2 & Parts
  • GP® Outlet products
  • A small batch of Grand’s Vanilla Custard (plus VG/Heavy)
  • A batch of Kick2 by Evolv

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