Origen RDA v2: How Norbet made an amazing product even better.

When it comes to atomizers, RDA’s have always been my preference. Don’t get me wrong I own plenty of tanks, but to me drippers provide a whole new vaping experience. Maybe it is because I came from rolling my own cigarettes and I enjoy the constant refilling to satisfy my need to keep my hands busy while vaping. It could also be my eLiquid ADD where my palette constantly changes and I don’t have the patience to wait for a tank to go dry.

By the time I realized my love for drippers, I was late for the Origen v1 train and after weeks of waiting to find one on the second hand market and lusting after my friends Origens, the new v2 was announced. Right then I knew I had to get my hands on the Origin v2 and be active about getting one of these treasures. Constantly hopping between vendors on launch, I finally was able to score a Origen of my own!

Here are some of the differences between the v1 and v2:

  • Shorter in height, for a smaller chamber producing more flavor and vapor
  • Drip well changed from a split design to one united well.
  • Serial numbers.
  • A new wide bore drip tip.
  • O-ring relocated to the top cap.



The Origen looks fantastic on top of any mod, no matter the type of metal. I find the nice cylindrical step taper to be very nice styling that gives it a unique modern look without being too flashy. Also the mixed media finished –brushed ring and matte cap– help make it universal to your mod finish.

The fact it sits at 22mm means it will be flush with most mechanical mods on the market, however if you happen to favor bigger diameter mods, the styling still fits due to the top cylindrical steps.

Finally they included a simple, clean wide bore drip tip which complimented the atomizer perfectly, to me a huge improvement over the v1 drip tip.


Norbet did not cut any corners with this iteration. They clearly took an industry leading product and improved it based on community feedback. The O-rings on the inside of the top cap seem to help improve the longevity of the sealing. You can configure the airflow to your build preference, whether you are a single or dual coil fan. The air holes on the adjustable air flow are perfect for any draw and are drilled at 2mm, 1.5, and 1.2mm.

All the pieces of the atomizer are machine for a perfect, snug fit.


The performance of the atomizer carrying the Origen pedigree is to be expected, fantastic! This is clearly built for amazing flavor and in that department it does not disappoint.

Also because the Origen has adjustable airflow it can produce some pretty amazing clouds. The biggest adjustment is 2mm and for me that seems to be the perfect amount where I am still having to feel like I have to draw for my clouds without inhaling it.

Lastly, the unified well is a major improvement. No longer do you have to worry about one well going dry or balancing between the two. I also like the increase in size it means I can store more juice when I don’t want to be constantly dripping, as long as I am diligent about keeping the mod upright.

Ease Of Build:

The Origen has never been known as the easiest mod to build, but at the same time it is not difficult. I feel like they took some innovative steps on the center post with a nice knurled cap that can be tightened with fingers. However, they lose some points on requiring a small allen wrench for the screws on the sides. I can understand why they did this, to ensure the lifetime of the atomizer by avoiding stripping. The downside in this means I have to carry an extra tool in my kit and it is harder to see if my allen wrench is properly seated while building. Also since my fingers are too big this point is moot, but I feel like the knurled sides of the screws on the v1 may have made it easier for someone with smaller fingers to build.

I my experience I find that a vertical build with u-wick cotton produces the most flavor and best wicking. From reading other reputable builders comments they seem to concur.



At the time of writing this article there are still some Origen v2’s to be had at $120 dollars. This price puts the Origen at the high-end price range for drippers. However, considering this is the most suggested atomizer online from experts you are truly getting what you are paying for! Also do not forget it includes a very nice, wide bore drip tip. This is where Norbet serializing the v2 becomes good as you are able to be proud of your authentic, quality product.