Review: JM22 Pressed Brass LE – My Guilty Pleasure

In this review I will be covering my favorite guilty pleasure the JM22 Pressed Brass LE v1. Why am I calling it my guilty pleasure? Well it is no hidden secret that JM22 does not have the most reputable name around certain corners of the vaping community. However to me this mod has been one I find myself grabbing quite often in my stable.


We will start with the best feature of this mod Aesthetics. No matter how many “unicorns” I bring out and about, this mod gets the most comments on how amazing it looks. Without a doubt it is a very unique, classy piece of art.

The biggest advantage of the textured look on this mod is you never have to worry about bringing a polishing cloth to keep it looking its best. Happen to get a hairline scratch from mishandling, not an issue you won’t see it anyway.

The more use this mod gets, the better it looks.


This is where the mod gets a kick in the pants. For such a great mod, it is missing the quality control it deserves.

Many users have reported button misfiring which I have experience myself. When it is not misfiring I find the spring controlled button to be very rough. Almost like compressing a rusty spring.

The top pin is extremely hard to adjust flush against atomizer changes, in fact if you don’t have a pair of needle nose pliers, it is not going to happen. Which leaves me to worry about the longevity of the pin if one is not careful adjusting it with pliers. If you don’t switch atomizers on your mod often, then this may be a non-issue.

The threading seems to be average. Its definitely not as smooth as my other mods, but the threads seem to work well and have never had an issue.

One really nice feature about this mod is the locking mechanism, not only does it look great with the styling. It is a very cool feature that I thoroughly enjoy, considering it is required when I use it.


Customer Service:

I left a Customer Service rating out for this mod even though it is important. I simply have no history of dealing with the modder and searching the internet did not point to any positive or negative experiences. The company is based in Poland which may make it more difficult to American buyers.


Considering some of the quality pitfalls this mod performs pretty well when there is not a misfire. Voltage drops have been reported at .017 which is nothing to write home about, but passable for a brass mod.

You won’t be winning any cloud contests with this brass beauty, but it definitely won’t under perform your expectations.


If you are still able to find one available new for retail it will be priced around $235+. With so many other mods hitting the market for around this price that are held at much higher regard, it is debatable whether this mod is worth it or not. What you are getting for that price though is a limited run Mechanical mod with 3 tubes that has a very unique finish you will not find anywhere else.


So now for why I find myself grabbing this mod so often considering its sub par quality issues. I enjoy a pretty active nightlife, considering jumping locations and crowded bars are my normal. I don’t have to worry about making sure I take proper care of the mod and what other items may be in my pocket when I am moving around. The finish already comes with plenty of character. Also the fact it is pretty compact in 350 form with a locking mechanism, and lastly every time it comes out sparks a conversation seals the deal as a perfect night out and about mod for me.


My favorite pairings:

  • Patriot RDA atomizer
  • Datouch customs Taurus brass cap
  • Datouch Customs short pipe brass drip tip