Review: CRAFT VAPERY + Discount

If you have ever gone on a quest to try new eLiquids you have quickly realized how impossible it is to keep up with the eLiquid market. It starts with trying to find that one juice you saw on instagram only to end with disappointment realizing that the maker does not have a site or place to purchase online. Once you do finally find a flavor that looks appealing you realize it is on a site that has no other flavors that appeal to you so you quickly turn away at high shipping costs. Burned by the situation and sucken time you quickly revert back to your go to liquids frustrated by the whole situation.

You know your flavor palette and you want to try new things, why does this have to be such a daunting task?


The fine people of CRAFT VAPERY are out to fix this problem. Signing up is simple and fast. Within a few clicks you have selected your flavors and an eLiquid Concierge/Sommelier/Bad Ass — they prefer to be called curators — is doing the work for you. Ensuring that you only get the finest liquids matching your palette delivered directly to you every month. Best of all there are no hidden contracts and the more juices you want in your package, the better this deal becomes!


Sounding too good to be true Vape Faction had to put CRAFT VAPERY to the test.

Signing up was seven simple steps:

  • How Many Juices Would You Like?
  • What Flavors Do You Like? They even have a google “Im Feeling Lucky” option. Who doesn’t love a good game of Russian Roulette?
  • What Flavors Do You Hate?
  • Do You Want A Starter Vaping Kit?
  • Do You Need Any Extra Hardware? Great Option for those still using cartomizer tanks.
  • Finally, Review Your Order.

To my surprise I received a package delivery notice two days later, faster then most retailers get liquid to me!


The package came in a very nice box. It did not stay that way for long as the goods I wanted were buried deep in side.


Upon opening the box I am instantly shocked with how well everything was packaged. Each layer led to more goodies, talk about a kid in a candy shop! By the end of it I had a nice hand written card explaining what was picked for me this month, that Meriwether is quite the charmer. Official CRAFT VAPERY stickers. Needle nose refill bottles for my RBA and in case the juice maker bottle had no way of dripping. Some sweets to enjoy while sampling new juices. Also my three bottles I subscribed for plus an added extra CRAFT VAPERY tester sample.


The juices were all from very well respected makers and did not last long as I thoroughly enjoyed each selection.


CRAFT VAPERY has a new happy subscriber! Within a few minutes I was able to walk away with a monthly eliquid subscription at an extremely reasonable price that gives me:

  • Monthly surprise vapemail to look forward to.
  • My need to try new eLiquids ADD fix.
  • Amazing customer service anytime I need it
  • A vaping pen pal mistress

If you have ever been curious to try a month to month service or simply have eLiquid ADD, like myself. I would not hesitate to give CRAFT VAPERY a try. They have made it even more attractive by offering a discount to the Vape Faction community by using the promo code below for 20% off your first month and any new hardware.