FDA involvement: How to do it right.

With e-cigarette popularity and use growing like wildfire, the FDA is now pushing harder than ever to pass rules about vaping and eliquids. This makes me sit back and think: If the FDA spends the time to do it right, is it this bad? After the massively popular flavor unicorn’s milk went under the gun for containing titanium dioxide. It goes to show that there could be some positives to regulation.

The big issue with current FDA suggestions is they are trying to blanket e-cigarettes under tobacco laws, which it should not be. This would destroy the many small shops that focus on selling only vaping products. It would also kill small eliquid makers that are trying to provide a great vaping experience.

The Pros of FDA involvement, if done right:

  • Sales can only happen to people who are 18+.

I am a firm believer in this, I believe most people’s concerns about e-cigarettes is the fruity flavors readily available to children. E-cigarettes are tied so closely to nicotine, which is a drug that needs to be used properly. This does not mean online retailers have to close. It just mean packages through mail should be delivered and signed by someone who is 18 or above. Alcohol sales have shown this to be a successful method.

  • Clearly marked labels showing the contents of bottles.

This is one item that should be done by responsible liquid brewers regardless. I dont care if it will impede on the design of the label, people should be able to know what they are inhaling without having to do research the maker. That is if the information is even available on their site.

  • Lastly a published list of what chemicals are known to be extremely hazardous or poisonous when inhaled.

Then ban these chemicals from being used in eliquids. This is for the health of all parties involved. The unicorn’s milk falls under this case. It is still the makers responsibility, but a simple search on the chemicals he was including would have shown it was not safe to inhale.

At the end of the day the FDA is going to get involved regardless of how much we don’t want to accept it. We need to get over this fact and start thinking of ways on how to help provide solutions and suggestions to help ensure our rights are not handicapped by lazy law making.

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