The #IMPROOF Movement

The vape community is constantly under scrutiny from mass media and government law makers. Most of this information is due to the lack of knowledge on vaping, and the fact it is automatically assumed vaping is the same as tobacco products. Due to this ignorance when newcomers or interested parties try to learn more about the benefits of e-cigarettes they are greeted with a mass of poorly informed articles and negative news.

Vape Revolution is out to counter this ignorance with #IMPROOF. #IMPROOF is an amazing movement to help inform people about the benefits of how lives are being saved by the amazing advancement of vaping through testimonials and rallies. It is because of movements like this that people are finally able to see the positive side of e-cigarettes and the lives they are helping.
If you are avid about vaping as we are are, it is strongly suggested you visit their site to see how you can support this movement to help counter the misinformation that is constanly being spread.

Check Out And Support #IMPROOF