Vape Field Kit (VFK): A Vaping Essential.

One item that is rarely discussed in the vaping community is what items vapers carry with them on a daily basis. I am going to refer these items as the Vape Field Kit or VFK for short. The VFK is an essential kit to have to make sure that you have the tools and replacements you need incase something goes wrong with your setup or you want to change out a wick or coil.

My Vape Field kit may be a bit over kill, but considering I have a messenger bag with me most of the time during the day the size goes unnoticed. It is also reassuring to have all my tools needed to fix any situation on my person whether I be at work, or relaxing on a nice day at a park. Plus you never know when the bug to rebuild your atomizer may bite!

Below is a breakdown of every item in my VFK and a great list for every tool that a vaper looking to get into mechanic mods should have to build and clean their mods.


Bag: I find the thick wax canvas to be great for making sure none of the sharp objects puncture my bag, plus the more use it gets, the better it looks.

Needle Nose Pliers: A must have for helping rebuild and pulling wicks though coils.

Compact scissors: For cutting wicks to proper size, if you use cotton balls the sharper the better. If you don’t mind spending some extra coin, small hair cutting scissors work best.

Nail clippers: Best tool for clipping kanthal wires close to connection points. Also makes it easy to keep your nails looking their best for all those vape selfies we love to take!

Kanthal Wire: I carry both 28 and 30 mostly because the bag fits both, and when I get the build bug, I can get creative!

Drill Bits: Carry a few sizes for wrapping the kanthal. Sizes are all up to what size coils you prefer.

Small Philips Head Screw Driver: Needed for rebuilding atomizers.

Small Allen Wrench: My beloved Origen requires it, so it got added.

Compact Ohm-Reader: A must have for those wanting to flirt with their battery limits making sub-ohm builds.

Paper Clip: To many uses to list, trust me it will come in handy!

CVS Organic Cotton Balls: My wick of choice, regardless of your favorite wick you should have some extra in your kit.

Q-Tips: The best tool for helping clean those hard to get spots on your mod.

Backup Battery: I am normally am very proactive about having spare batteries, however some mornings when my brain is still not functioning I forget to pack them. Having a charged one in my VFK has saved me more times than I can count. Nothing can ruin a day like a dead battery.

Microfiber Towel (not pictured): At the time of taking the picture I forgot to include this, It is normally in my sunglass case which I also carry with me. A soft microfiber towel is great for cleaning fingerprints off your polished mods.


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