Micro-Sticks Available for Pre-Order Now!

This just in from Mini Tools Engineering:

You have requested to notify you, when MicroStick (shipping in 30-45 days) will be available. You also stated that you would like to reserve 1 items:
The new run is started so again we take pre-orders. We’ll post news about the progress of production, which will be started in several days.
The shipping will be started in the end of May or in the beginning of June. We promise to ship orders in 30-45 days after the payment.
Those who placed the order first, will be served first.
If you want to change your order or upgarde the shipping method, please, help yourself here:
Leather cases are still sold only directly from Parish:
Thanks for your interest in our products.
Please, answer on this mail if you have questions.
Best Regards
MiniEcig team