Shop Talk: Frisco Vapor

Nestled on the busy street of San Francisco’s world famous Lombart Street lies a vaping gem: Frisco Vapor. The perfect place to come in and kick up your feet on the comfy couch to watch a local game or taste any of the high end juice brands they carry, including their own label. With any purchase you make you can walk away knowing you got an authentic product at a great price.

New to more advanced vaping? No worries they offer classes, and if you happen to purchase a product they are more than happy to waive the class fee, ensuring you leave happy with a functioning product.

Daniel at Frisco Vapor was kind enough to sit down with Vape Faction over the weekend for a bit of shop talk to introduce his shop and juices to the Vape Faction Community.


VF: To start we would love to hear a little bit about you. How did you get into vaping?

FV: We started vaping the way and for the reasons that most people do, after smoking a pack a day for over 10 years we wanted to change. After trying various disposable and sub standard vaping devices and juices we looked further to see what else is out there. After doing some digging we found that this industry had matured and offered great options if you knew where to look.

VF: With rent so high in San Francisco and plenty of shops in the area what made you decide to open a B&M in downtown San Francisco?

FV: We are all San Francisco natives and immediately were drawn to opening a store in the city.

VF: What do you feel like sets you apart from other shops in the city?

FV: We started our shop with quality in mind, we do not carry clones and stand behind our products. We make our vapor liquid using 100% US manufactured ingredients, once again we are all about quality and safety.

VF: When someone new or curious about vaping comes into the store which is the setup you suggest they first start out with?

FV: Education is at the core of our store. We make sure that we get a good understanding of our customers by finding out how many cigarettes they smoke a day, what type of cigarettes, and we try to understand what knowledge they already have so that we can fill in the gaps to help make their decision on devices and juice. This type of info helps us understand what battery they need as well as what tank would fit their future/current vaping habits.Our starter kits make it easy for someone new to vaping to start and are a great way to quit smoking. We love technology and concentrate on getting new and groundbreaking devices whenever they are available, we carry all the advanced vaping hardware that we can get our hands on.


VF:Recently you guys have decided to start making juices. Can you tell us a little more about this?

FV:Our vapor liquid has set us apart from other stores. That is the core of our business. The store just provides a great way stack up our liquid against the best known eliquid manufacturers in the states. Its very rewarding when you have someone that tries a bunch of flavors and ends up buying our liquid. That tells us we are doing something right.

We put a lot of effort and work into each flavor that we have released. We go thru hundreds of reiterations of each flavor before we decide on moving forward with it. We also steep each flavor before bottling to insure consistency in flavor.

We currently have 6 flavors:

Frisco: Earl Gray Tea flavor. An all-natural extract vape flavor that is crafted to taste exactly like Early Gray Tea. This is our #1 seller and took us 5 months to perfect. (45/55 PG/VG)

Fillmore: A smooth Peanut Butter and Bean Tobacco flavor. This flavor consists of two different types of tobacco and steeps for over a month. (40/60 PG/VG)

Lombard: A milky, creamy Mango flavor. We think it tastes like a Mango Lassi drink. All-natural Mango flavor. (50/50 PG/VG)

Marina: A candy salad flavor. Various types of fruit tastes like you just took a mouthful of NERDS candies. (50/50 PG/VG)

SOMA: A spearmint menthol flavor infused with various types of melons and berries. A refreshing flavor that feels like you just chewed on some delicious gum. (45/55 PG/VG)

Ashbury: Spiced Acai Chai. Tastes like chewing on some Big Red gum.(30/70 PG/VG)

VF: With the six juices you currently brew. Can you talk about the next flavor you plan on creating?:

FV: Our next two flavors will be released in the upcoming weeks. We have not named them as of yet. All we can say is that one of them is a green tea with fruits and berries.  We have been working on a new bold tobacco flavor that should hopefully be ready for a summer release.

Our goal is to create premium vapor liquid that quenches various palettes. Premium vapor liquid to us means quality ingredients, intricate flavors, finesse, steeping and perfection of a flavors potential.

FV: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Vape Faction. One last question before we go. Recently San Francisco city council unanimously pass a bill to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products. How is this going to affect the future of Frisco Vapor and e-cigarette users in the city?:

VF: SF city council is going off of zero research into what this industry is. I believe this will not stop the “no smoking” movement that is vaping. The proof is out there and people will continue to seek a way to quit smoking

If you happen to live in the Bay Area or be visiting the wonderful city of San Francisco then you owe it to yourself to stop by to check out their merchandise and try their wonderful line of liquids. Be sure to tell them hello from Vape Faction and don’t worry about parking they provide reserved parking spots, which is impossible to find in this city.

Be sure to stay tuned to Vape Faction for the upcoming review on some of their liquids!


Frisco Vapor’s Website